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Short Film | 2024


Alfred P. Sloan Grant Recepient 2023

RE-ENTRY | Maya & Michael
Young Maya and Maya
Young Maya and George at NASA

Logline: 35 years ago, Maya Redding, a male-presenting NASA engineer, along with her best friend George, launched a satellite that got lost in the wrong orbit, forcing Maya to leave NASA in shame. In the years since, Maya came out as transgender, and re-discovered the satellite. Haunted by her past, Will Maya bring the satellite’s data back to NASA, return to her former life, and course-correct? Or will she let her past burn, like the satellite’s re-entry in the Earth’s atmosphere?

Producer: Ilayda Cetinkaya

Writers: Ariel Mahler & Kunal Sengupta & Nicky Schmid

Director: Ariel Mahler

Cinematographer: Maryn McGaw

Production Designer: Sarah Dawn Hamlin
Editor: Victoria Villig

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